Our Beliefs

We want a Europe “united in diversity”. We are all different, yet all Europeans. This is not about political parties, “Brussels” or the bureaucratic elites. Rather, it is about people across Europe coming together at a time when some would like to divide us. “Europeans” is open to all those that share our ideal of unity in diversity. Irrespectively of legal or official categorizations.


We are headquartered in Berlin. A city that more than many symbolizes both the tragedies and the achievements of European history. And we are based in the district of Kreuzberg: an ecosystem renowned for its revolutionary politics, entrepreneurial spirit and endless supply of creative talent. Having said that,we aim to operate across all major European cities.

Our Work

We conceive and plan grassroots pro-European public actions. In multiple European cities, at the same time and with the same message. And we mobilise whenever planned or unexpected events call for us to speak up. Our ultimate goal is to establish and nurture a network of part-time Euro-activists in most European capitals. So that all Europeans can shape their shared future together.

Get Involved

Drop us an e-mail if you have any questions, need help setting up similar actions in your city or want to get involved in an ongoing event. We will answer as quick as we can and will try to find others to work with you.

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