We are very good at what we do. But we always stay humble. We know that there is a lot that we don’t know and that we could do even better. You can support us by telling us what you are good at and by allowing us, when and if necessary, to reach out to you for some specific, ad hoc pro bono service or advice. These are some of the profiles we might be looking for:


Troublemakers usually can do with a good lawyer. Exactly because we do not plan to break any rules, we might do with some expert legal advice. This can pertain to financial and controlling issues, public space and gatherings, privacy and data protection. Good to be able to count on you. 


Getting a lot of people from A to B. Food and drinks. Musical instruments and everything we might need for a demo. But also connecting people across cities via video and audio link. And a lot more. We could always do with a hand, a contact or a bit of advice on all this. Thank you.


This is a field in constant evolution. Things move fast and it’s easy to struggle keeping up with it. The best design, the latest privacy and security features, seamless communication and big data. We need it all and could do with a word of advice or some pro-bono support.


Art in all its forms can (also) be political. It brings people together. And it inspires us to seek and sustain change. Should you belong to this creative galaxy, please get in touch and leave us your contact details. Sooner or later, we will be in touch to seek your advice and, maybe, your art.


Your profile matches none of the above? No problem. Do let us know what you are good at. No matter how unusual your profile is, you might be the one we are looking for. You might also meet like-minded people that, within your field of expertise, are eager to bring about structural change across Europe. Please fill in the contact form below.

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