We have the knowledge and the enthusiasm. But we also need the cash. Professionalism must be rewarded and we want or team to stay with us on the long-term to build skills and capacity. Small or large, single or recurring: all donations make a difference and they are used exclusively to support the work of Europeans. For most donations (and depending on the legislation of your country of residence) you might be able to scale the donated amount from your taxable income. We sincerely appreciate your support: please donate generously. 


In case of single donations, we kindly ask for a minimum of Euro 50,00 to cover our administrative costs. For donations of at least Euro 100,00 (or more?), we will send you an official document that will allow you to scale your donation from your taxable income (depending on the legislation of your country of residence).


This option allows us to plan for the future. We kindly ask for a monthly donation of at least Euro 35,00 per month. After three consecutive donations within a single calendar year, we can provide you with an official document that will allow you to scale your donation from your taxable income (depending on the applicable legislation in your country of residence).


Across different countries, legislation on donations from non-physical persons such as companies, foundations, associations, etc, tend to differ from the legislation covering donations from individual persons. Should your legal entity wish to support us financially, please get in touch: we will be happy to explore the terms and conditions that will best apply when it comes to taxation and deductibility.


If you are a political party, an entity closely associated with an authoritarian regime, a weapons manufacturer, the oil industry or a tobacco company… we say “thank you, but no thank you”. We have a responsibility toward our members and supporters to ensure we retain our independence from undue political interference as well as from those businesses that might be questionable on ethical grounds. If in doubt, we will do our very best to carry out appropriate background checks before accepting a donation. We simply do not compromise on our core values.

Your donation(s) matter for a variety of reasons. 1) They help us run the work of Europeans. 2) They help us build a strong team on the long-term (therefore enhancing skills, know-how and team spirit). 3) They allow us to plan for the future and to maintain a long-term vision for our activities. 4) They ensure that we are free from undue political influence and corporate interests (because the more people support us, the less we depend on a single donor).

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