We recruit, train and activate changemakers to provide a pan-European public discourse supportive of initiatives aiming to bring about progressive, structural, long-term change. It’s like joining a sports club or engaging with your favourite hobby once a week. But with the added bonus of supporting good causes. Have fun, learn new skills and meet like-minded people. There are four areas to choose from:


We need cash to run this initiative. And we need it from as many different sources as possible to be always free from any possible undue influences. Are you the creative type? Then this is the challenge for you. Come up with weird, fun, innovative ideas to give us the means to carry forward our vision.


If you like meeting new people and are not shy, this is the right job for you. Help us grow our membership and body of changemakers across Europe. Conceive, develop and execute recruitment campaigns across your city and, why not, in coordination with other recruiters across Europe.


This is when we go out in the streets. Singing, placards, banners, colours and a lot of fun, happy noise, This is what our activists are good at. But it is more than that: we organise public events in synch across cities to europeanise public discourse and bring about structural change.


To have an impact, we must get out our message. Social media are the trend but we certainly do not forget more traditional media outlets. Are you an aspiring journalist, blogger, influencer or commentator? Then here you’ll have your work cut for you. Come around to take over the public sphere with us.


Fundraisers, Recruiters, activists and outreachers, will always have some experiences in common. You’ll meet people from different cultures, languages, ages, ethnicities and genders. You’ll be connected with people from different cities and countries across Europe. You’ll launch and take part in activities at the same time across both time and space.

Have fun, learn skills and do good at the same time! As it is the case for many other associations that you might wish to join in your spare time, we too have to ask you for a membership fee in order to support our work.

The amount of your membership fees are due on a monthly basis but we provide a discount for 12-month memberships paid in one single instalment up front. Either way, we will always provide you with a receipt that might enable you to deduct your payments from your taxable income (depending on the legislation of your country of residence). Go ahead, become a changemaker.

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